Welcome to Pal Group Ltd

Pal Group Ltd is a registered estate agent, specialising in residential Lettings, Sales and Management throughout Kampala- Uganda. Pal Group Ltd is owned and run byprofessionals who have experience of service to international clients.

Pal Group Ltd links both local and international potential clients as regards real estate services with in Uganda. As a matter of fact, we are here to bring a new chapter in respect of real estate management in terms of improving on the standards of landlord - Tenant relations and also to introduce a much needed human element into the traditional real estate industry by instilling Honesty, Integrity and Courtesy into our work at all times...read more




Building your own Home

First, we shall require a blueprint (architectural drawings) of the proposed project from the client. If these drawings are not in . ..read more


Facilities Management


Facilities Management

With state of the art facilities and fully qualified staff, the company delivers a professional and efficient service to the general public. 

Friday, 24. June 2016